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By Alistair Norman on Fri, February 5, 2016

5 Essential Components of a Persona Profile

Creating personas is a powerful way to build the audience understanding every marketing department needs for success. Find out how to get it right with these 5 essential components.

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By Pete Winter on Thu, October 29, 2015

How Website Performance Insights Can Reveal What Your Customers Want

Standard website metrics can give you a powerful understanding of what your customers really want.

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By Pete Winter on Wed, October 28, 2015

HubSpot’s Matt Barby talks data, content creation and maximising the customer experience.

Matt Barby, Global Head of Growth and SEO at HubSpot, talked to Birmingham based inbound marketing agency Tomorrow People about the role of data in content creation, the reasons why some SMEs are struggling to capitalise on it and what the future holds for data driven marketing and content creation.

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By Pete Winter on Thu, October 15, 2015

Why Google Search Trends Can Show You What Your Audience Is Looking For

Three smart ways to make Google search trends your ultimate customer research tool kit.

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By Pete Winter on Thu, October 15, 2015

Content Strategy 101 - Creating Content with a Purpose

Everyone wants their content to be seen, but if your content strategy is lacking purpose then are you creating content just for the sake of it?

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By Alistair Norman on Thu, October 8, 2015

Data: The Key to Content Success

New Research between Tomorrow People and B2B Marketing reveals for the first time the link between data and content marketing success. Alistair Norman, marketing director, Tomorrow People, comments on the results of the findings.

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By Stephanie Mulrooney on Thu, October 8, 2015

How to use Social Media Listening Tools to Understand your Audience

The most important element of a successful conversation is listening to what the other person is saying - find out how social media listening tools can help you with this.

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By Alistair Norman on Wed, October 7, 2015

The Consumerisation of B2B Marketing.......Only the Brave Will Survive.

B2B marketing is becoming more like B2C. Discover some of the value-adds B2B marketers can gain from shifting to a more consumer focused outlook.

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By Alistair Norman on Mon, September 28, 2015

What a B2B marketer can learn from a B2C marketer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Identify the modern marketing lessons you can learn from B2C marketers and how you can use them to improve your B2B marketing strategy.

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By Danielle Montgomery on Tue, August 18, 2015

17 Content Hacks Every Marketer Should Know to Boost Blog Engagement Rates

Nobody wants to write an average blog post, so use these 17 ideas to enhance your blog and boost engagement and traffic rates.

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