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Written by:

Sookie Shuen

Nov 29, 2011

The Death of Email Marketing

death of emailWhy your email marketing campaign doesn’t need inbound marketing

So you send out emails on a regular basis. But you’ve heard that inbound marketing may well be able to boost the results it’s bringing your business. Here are three reasons why your email marketing doesn’t need inbound marketing:

1. If you’re happy with one-off blasts that get patchy results

Can you measure the exact return on investment you’re getting from those email blasts? No? No problem if you don’t need a return from your marketing. But if you do, add inbound marketing to your email marketing approach.

2. If you’re OK not knowing who you’re sending emails to

It’s easy to buy an email list and send out a huge volume of emails. But are those email marketing campaigns creating a response - or just something to tick off your marketing ‘to do’ list? It’s worth sticking with that, unless you’d like to use inbound marketing technology to view and manage the recipients of your emails and get a better rate of response.

3. If you don’t need to build up customer loyalty and interest

If you’re happy sending out emails into the unknown and getting little response, your email marketing campaign all on its own should be enough. But if you like the idea of building up long-term customer buy-in, inbound marketing could power up your email marketing.

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