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Jessica Schramm

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Jessica Schramm

Oct 31, 2014

The Marketing Graveyard: 6 Victims of Inbound Marketing

THUMBNAILTake a stroll through our marketing graveyard and see which mainstays of marketing we’ve killed off in cold blood over the years…

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In November 2011 we killed email marketing. Why did we do it, you ask? Three words: Batch. And. Blast. Unless it’s part of a carefully considered inbound marketing strategy, untargeted email marketing is just a pile of bones - so we stand by our principles (Sorry,

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We wiped out website design in March 2012. No regrets - according to our research, 60% of B2B websites get less than 3000 visitors each month and very low levels of inbound leads, often because they haven’t been designed strategically. Website design is dead, and user experience (UX) is dancing on its grave.

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Copywriting bit the dust in April 2012 as content was crowned king. Marketing copy needs to be conversion-driven and bursting with value and insight, and a moving part in a bigger picture - not just a creation Doctor Frankenstein botched in his lab left to roam the internet forevermore looking for readers. Or this.

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We killed SEO a long time ago, but it’s been haunting us ever since. As Google mutates, our search consultants’ moods have become unpredictable as they fight against extinction (true story: ‘Crazy Phill’ was once a balanced individual with a keen eye for a keyword). Fortunately for them, SEO will never die - no matter how much linkbait declares it so (guilty!).

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In January 2012 we strangled telemarketing with its own phone cable. Cold calling had us in a cold sweat; shoddy scripts were giving us shivers… Any telesales activity needs to be warmed and informed by your inbound marketing - you’ll get better results and they’ll cost you 61% less. Trust us or die.

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Looks like we didn’t finish the job though - Pay Per Click appears to have climbed out of its grave. While it might build brand awareness by driving traffic to your website, unless it’s supported by a wider content strategy PPC won’t work on its own to convert clicks into sales. Plus it might eat your brains.

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