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Harriet Beckett-Trevor

Written by:

Harriet Beckett-Trevor

Oct 31, 2011

The Death of Advertising

death of advertisingThe king is dead...long live the king

It’s not something that the average advertising agency would like to admit, but advertising as we know it has changed for good. That’s not surprising with so many new ways for companies to reach their target market, at a lower cost. Instead of the high cost, low impact reach of traditional media and print advertising, another approach is helping businesses to achieve more with less. But how did advertising get left so far behind? What is the alternative giving companies a more flexible and commercially connected approach? What is it that’s causing businesses to recognise the value of quality content as opposed to the old school quarter page ad option?

There’s no doubt about it - the way companies connect with their market has evolved for good. Advertising on its own is dying.

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  • How to gain better results from advertising - whilst spending less
  • Why spending more on big budget ads is no longer good for business
  • Why content combined with technology is now providing a powerful alternative to the limits of traditional advertising channels
  • Why companies plan to spend less on traditional advertising

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