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Harriet Beckett-Trevor

Written by:

Harriet Beckett-Trevor

Dec 16, 2011

Creating a Website That Works!

website under constructionHow to make a website that works

A website that works may sound like an obvious thing. After all, all websites work don’t they? Actually, many websites only work in very basic, functional terms, but fail to work in bringing in web traffic and converting it into sales. Here are three things you need to know about how to make a website that works for you:

Bringing in visitors

Your first aim in the question of how to make a website is to how to ensure that it brings in web traffic. The key at this stage is to step back and think about who you want to attract and how to get them to your website. You can use inbound marketing technology to monitor and asses your potential customers’ behaviour on the web, for example on competitors’ websites, and actually view the keywords that get them there. Then you can build this information into your website.

Converting web traffic into customers

If your website isn’t creating new business for you, it isn’t working properly. Your next step is to plan for it to convert web traffic into visitors. Again, you can create a seamless customer pipeline using inbound marketing technology to nurture your website visitors from one stage of the buying cycle to the next.

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