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Written by:

James Walters

Dec 23, 2011

What’s your Marketing Strategy Resolution for 2012?

The New Year is nearly here. Do you have a marketing strategy resolution for 2012? What do you wish you had done differently in 2011 and what will take you forward into the coming 12 months? Here are some suggestions for some New Year’s resolutions to create a marketing strategy that works in 2012:

New Year’s Resolution 1: I will get a better ROI on my marketing

How was 2011 for your marketing ROI? Good or not so good? Perhaps next year is the year to get more from your marketing budget. Stick to this New Year’s resolution by exploring more advanced ways to make your marketing strategy work harder, for example by applying advanced inbound marketing technology

New Year’s Resolution 2: I will create a better marketing profile for my customers

Did you feel connected to your customers in 2011 - or cut off from them? Could your marketing strategy help you get closer to your potential customers and actively attract them to you? It could, if you integrate it with inbound marketing technology.

New Year’s Resolution 3: I will see exactly how well my marketing is working, as it’s happening

Has your marketing strategy sometimes felt a little out of control in the past? Not surprising when traditional marketing delivers results so long after the event. Stick to this resolution by using inbound marketing technology that lets you see, live, exactly how your prospects are responding to your marketing.

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