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Written by:

James Walters

Dec 26, 2011

How to Get More with a Marketing Mix

Marketing. It can make the difference between a good business performance and a great one. But is your marketing strategy lacking the marketing mix? Ask yourself these four questions to assess whether you could be getting more with a real marketing mix.

1. Is this a marketing mix or a marketing mix up?

How many channels do you use to market your services or products? Do you stick to one or two familiar ones - blogging, brochures etc - or do you create a true marketing mix for better results? By integrating your entire marketing message across all channels you can create a wider reach and a better ROI from your marketing approach.

2. Is my marketing connecting with - or confusing - my potential customers?

Get the right marketing mix and you could see a real return on your marketing strategy. For example, using inbound marketing technology you can track all your prospective leads and nurture them with targeted contact across the different channels.

3. Is my marketing strategy supporting or undermining my business strategy?

This may sound like a strange question, but it’s surprising how many companies separate their marketing plan from their business goals. But achieve the right marketing mix and you could see far better returns.

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