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Written by:

James Walters

Jan 18, 2012

Turning Funny New Year Resolutions into Serious Business Marketing

think funnyHow to turn funny New Year resolutions into serious business marketing

Wondering what you can do to make your business marketing more effective in 2012? Here’s a thought. Apply funny or daft new year resolutions to develop a wider range of marketing ideas. Now is a great time to brainstorm your most weird, wacky and funny new year resolutions to help get your marketing work harder. Here’s how:

  1. Give yourself some space and time to start thinking and write down the silliest and funniest new year resolutions you can think up for your business marketing 2012. This is your chance to address both your biggest hopes – and your biggest fears – for your marketing in the months to come.
  2. Look at ideas that are as funny or as daft as possible. From these you can see which issues are affecting and bothering you most in your marketing.
  3. Start to structure your thinking into different categories – this could be customers, prospects, strategy or brand new approaches.
  4. Whittle away at your ideas to separate the truly fantastical from the truly useful.
  5. Build the truly useful ideas into a plan to provide a seriously effective marketing approach for 2012.

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