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Written by:

James Walters

May 17, 2012

Why inbound marketing is the future of online copywriting

It would be easy to think that online copywriting is here to stay in its current form. It might also be tempting to think that it’s clear how copywriting works for businesses. Not so. Online copywriting in its current state is not completely fit for purpose and offers only limited benefits to companies. This is why inbound marketing is the future of online copywriting:

death of copy writing

Commercial insight

Inbound marketing powers up online copywriting with real, live commercial insight - from where prospects are spending time on the internet, to finding out the issues that are affecting them. This gives online copywriting a definite edge and creates business content that works faster, harder and better. But that’s only the start. Inbound marketing technology allows companies to view who’s responding to what content, as it’s happening, right down to the individual web visitor.

Buyer driven

Inbound marketing technology allows companies to create automated marketing content designed around each stage of the prospect’s buying cycle. From a tailored email that takes a person to a landing page, to a QR code that draws prospects into a special online competition designed to encourage them to engage with a new product or service.

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