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Alistair Norman

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Alistair Norman

Nov 7, 2012

Does a 200% Return on Investment Sound Exciting?

Marketing has changed radically over the past couple of years and companies that don’t move with the times and embrace inbound marketing are being left behind.


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The old-fashioned ‘push’ methods of marketing are too expensive and easily tuned out by today’s sophisticated digital audience.  

The internet and social media have changed the rules of the game. Your website and performance on social media are now the keys to growing your business.

Advances in technology mean new content appears instantly in the Google rankings. In this fast-moving world, blogging and other high-quality content about your potential customer’s business pains are the keys to drawing people to your website.

But beware the hard sell once you get them there. Some companies make the mistake of pulling people straight to their home pages and trying to sell something, but that’s a sure way to see them bounce quickly off your website.

Inbound marketing is a far more subtle method. Rather than telemarketing’s spear fishing approach, it’s more like casting a net online and pulling in the fish.

Once people are drawn to your website, it’s about nurturing the relationship in a non-intrusive way until some way down the line it blossoms into a sale.     


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Alistair Norman

Alistair Norman | Marketing Director

Alistair is responsible for the strategy, design and implementation of our Inbound and Content Marketing, with a focus on developing B2B and B2C markets.

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