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Alistair Norman

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Alistair Norman

May 22, 2013

Harnessing the Power of the e-Pipeline [SLIDESHARE]

Harnessing the power of the e pipeline ThumbnailNow that digital data is enabling marketing to gain greater insights into customer buying behaviour, the e-pipeline is a big part of businesses’ sales forecasts.






Want to know more than just the revenue values in your pipeline?



The e-pipeline can tell you so much more:

  • How your customers buy, not just how much
  • Where you need more resource to move them through the sales cycle
  • What lead nurturing activities are giving the best results
  • The shape and velocity of the deals going on.

To harness the power of the e-pipeline, marketing needs to:

  • Define the sales cycle stages
  • Establish when a lead becomes a qualified opportunity
  • Understand customer requirements and align solutions with them
  • Demonstrate how your solutions can add value.

Once a lead has been qualified and passed to sales, they have to:

  • Create the right proposal
  • Negotiate the right terms
  • Empower the customer to make the right decision. 

To release the power of the e-pipeline, four key data attributes need to be added to your business analysis:

  • Net new opportunities
  • Conversion rates
  • Sales cycle length
  • Success profiles.

Through thorough research, businesses can use the power of the e-pipeline to:

  • Identify when and where prospects advance to the next stage of the cycle
  • See when and where others leave
  • Find out about landing pages that convert
  • Develop meaningful success profiles to duplicate for future activities
  • Improve the integrity of the pipeline.

If sales and marketing work together, they can make the e-pipeline more successful to deliver:

  • Improved YOY revenue performance
  • Higher numbers of sales-ready leads
  • Better conversion rates
  • Shorter sales cycles.

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