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Alistair Norman

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Alistair Norman

Jul 18, 2013

Corporate versus Field Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

In larger enterprises, most marketing campaigns have traditionally been created at Corporate level, then regionalised by local teams. However, to be successful today they need a much more personal approach.

  Corporate versus Field Marketing


Gone are the days of ‘spray and pray’ multi-million dollar marketing campaigns. Marketing will only work in the future if it’s personalised... here are the steps we think all marketers should follow.

Step 1 – Make it personal, relevant and dynamic

Everyone knows that personalised marketing gets better results - but did you realise how much better it is? It’s impressive stuff - so ditch the corporate content and get localising, segmenting and personalising your campaigns:


Step 2 – Test, track and improve

By using marketing automation to manage your personalised email campaigns, it is easy to see what’s working and what’s not. So, continually improve your content and get those response rates higher:

  • Always use A/B testing on campaigns to see which subjects get more opens and clicks
  • According to MarketingSherpa you need to test many different variables: target audience, landing page and email subject line
  • Take personalisation further than just using a contact’s name – personalise the content with location, past purchases and other interests.


Step 3 – Get better results


To do list

If you want to keep up in marketing, you need to:

  • Get targeted: Segment your email lead nurturing, blogs and landing pages by role and location
  • Stop guessing: The right software helps you measure your success, taking the guesswork out of marketing
  • Follow up: Communicate constantly with your sales team to ensure they understand your strategy and are following up on your leads effectively.

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