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Harriet Beckett-Trevor

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Harriet Beckett-Trevor

Jun 4, 2011


Steph Walls

Addicted Creatives did a featured interview with Stephen Walls!

Describe your work in 3 words…

communicator, creator and innovator


Please tell us a bit about your background…
I am a creative director with over 10 years’ experience of running a successful, digital and marketing agency. I’m someone who thrives on the challenge of a new brief, shaping and delivering fresh ideas and exceeding my client’s expectations. I am passionate about all things creative and constantly looking for that next big challenge.


When you were starting out, who did you look up to? Are there any professionals you still look up to now?

Attik – we were fortunate to go and meet the guys for a day and see their operation from the ground up.

Who or what inspires you?

No one thing – I draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Being aware of your environment for me is essential.

Are there any other designers or agencies in the industry producing work that you really admire?

Clusta and Mother.

Please name a few inspiring designs you’ve seen recently.
TV commercial by BBH for Unilever. Title of ad is Axe: Even Angels Will Fall


If such a thing exists, what is a typical working day like for you?
Coffee and a catch up with the guys if necessary or straight in to the projects from the day before.

What is your normal workflow for creating what you do?
Ideas, communication, creation and more communication.

PC or Mac?

Both but mainly PC

Name three programs you couldn’t live without?

Photoshop, After Effects and Indesign


So, whats your current desktop setup?

8GB Workstation with dual monitors

Whats the one piece of hardware/equipment you couldn’t do without?

My brain


What’s your greatest achievement so far?

Still being in business after 11 years – you know you’re doing something right,

Any interesting projects on the go the moment you can tell us about?

In talks with Harley Davidson regarding the development of their members website H.O.G. – Harley Owners Group.

What are your future plans?

It is two pronged; to consolidate our current client base through continual meeting and hopefully exceeding their expectations and drive the business forward through on-going marketing with the aim of attracting new clients.

What type of project would you love to get your hands on next?
An interactive/online marketing campaign for one of the leading MTB brands.

Is there any projects out there that you would love to have a crack at, why that project and what would you do differently?
I would love the chance to rebrand the city of Birmingham.
It has been my local city for over 20 years and I have seen massive urban development during that time however I feel this positive approach to the city has not resonated through to the overall visual style and design of its identity.


Whats the latest thing you’ve learned to do?

Build my own road bike

Whats the next thing you would love to learn to do?

Sky dive


Any advice for those just starting out in the industry who are reading this interview?

A good creative director knows that, important as it is, designing is only one part of their job: the rest is about communicating; Finding out what the client really wants, articulating ideas simply, arguing points convincingly, explaining processes patiently and in terms which don’t require the services of a UN interpreter – all of this should be part of the job description. Add to that willingness to compromise and an innate understanding of the phrase ‘time is of the essence’ and you’re in business.

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