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Harriet Beckett-Trevor

Written by:

Harriet Beckett-Trevor

Jul 11, 2011

How to Make Inbound Marketing Work For Business

Marketing success with inbound marketingInbound Marketing – winning receptive customers and influencing the right people

We have probably all experienced the following Inbound Marketing opportunities, which happen billions of times a day around the world:

“A Linkedin friend recommended you to me.” (Social Media)

“You were mentioned on a blog I use.” (Blog)

"I read a good review about you on the web.” (Search)

“You were top of the google hit list, so I rang.” (Search)

When it’s done right, inbound marketing has been proven to increase revenue whilst reducing marketing spend.

It’s not just about short-term gains either. You can apply inbound marketing to your business to boost the long-term growth of your business.

Inbound marketing may be relatively new, but it’s already achieving powerful results for well known names and growing companies.

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