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Harriet Beckett-Trevor

Written by:

Harriet Beckett-Trevor

Aug 17, 2011

6 Key Steps to Marketing Success (In-house Vs Outsourced Part 2)

Follow a meaningful and carefully planned sequence of steps, both in the short and long-term

This is the second part of a 3 part series. Read also: Outsourced Marketing: Advantages and Disadvantages (Part 3) & Marketing In-House or Outsourcing to a Marketing Agency (Part 1)

Looking for optimum results from your marketing strategy? Aim to follow a meaningful and carefully planned sequence of steps, both in the short and long-term:



Research & Planning - Take time to listen to your marketplace (and keep on listening). Then identify the needs of your audience and plan how best to meet them.



Positioning and content approach - Put yourself where you want to be seen.  Use high quality, consistent content to establish yourself in online communities.



Promotional plan - Create a clear plan and apply it to boost the profile of your business.



Lead qualification & management - Quality leads are the lifeblood of your business, so be ready to identify and nurture leads and convert them into customers.



Optimisation - Who’s looking for your services right now? Search results matter. More and more every day. Focus your content correctly to stay at the top, both with the search engines and your potential customers.



Technology - The technology and tools available to your potential customers keep in growing. So make sure you have the expertise to target your brand and reach the right people.


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