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Pete Winter

Written by:

Pete Winter

May 25, 2021

Publishing insightful thought leadership to drive conversions for Cognite

An industry magazine with a laser focus on data fusion helped mark out Cognite as a true thought leader.

A voice of authority

Cognite provides data contextualization and analytics to the heavy asset industries. The company holds a large body of specialist knowledge and expertise which it regularly shares through a programme of blogs, webinars, and eGuides. In addition to this ongoing promotional activity, Cognite was looking for a more substantial asset to connect with and influence their audience.

Data Fusion was born, a new online magazine filled with valuable thought leadership and insights for the heavy asset industries, on the future of data management, data contextualization, and DataOps. The target readers — senior decision-makers at C-suite level — are notoriously difficult to reach and engage. The challenge was to provide a truly valuable offering that would capture their attention and drive landing page conversions.

In-depth knowledge and analysis

Each issue of the magazine focuses on a key theme, from The Industrial Data Architect to The Future of Data. Under these broader topics, a series of expert articles explores the major issues, trends, challenges and opportunities facing heavy-asset industries.


Data Fusion offers detailed discussion and advice on how to navigate the evolving data landscape, harness the power of data, and avoid pitfalls along the way. Complex concepts are clarified using clear impactful visuals. Insights from a range of leading organisations add weight and authority.

Connecting back to Cognite

Data Fusion magazine enables Cognite to take a higher thought leadership position thanks to its focus on concepts rather than product. However, ‘Data Stories’ throughout provide real-life examples of companies putting the data principles into action, linking back to case studies from Cognite. The use of Cognite branding and a foreword from the CEO put the company’s stamp on this valuable content.

The magazine is supported by email and social media activity driving towards a dedicated landing page for each issue. Access to the magazine is only possible after completing a contact form, generating a new opted-in lead.

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