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Pete Winter

Written by:

Pete Winter

Sep 26, 2017

How to win the war of B2B content marketing differentiation

B2B brands must fight to differentiate their content marketing and emerge victorious instead of playing the Game of Clones...

The marketing landscape is littered with more content producers fighting for customers than Westeros has pretenders to the Iron Throne.

The clans are assembling, the banners are unfurled, there’s menace in the air and a chill on the wind. The ultimate clash is close at hand. Who will emerge victorious?

Differentiation is the watchword when it comes to winning thrones and winning customers with engaging and impactful content.

As the contenders for the throne of Westeros battle to gain the upper hand, we reveal how the warriors of B2B marketing are struggling to set themselves apart from the competition.

In this GoT-tastic slideshare, you’ll come face to face with all the heroes and villains of differentiation, before learning to harness the power of dragons!

  • Differentiation by channel: Jon Snow
  • Differentiation by audience: Cersei Lannister
  • Calculating the value: The Iron Bank
  • Lack of planning: The Greyjoys
  • Inability to create thought leadership: Stannis Baratheon
  • Lack of creativity: Ned Stark
  • Lack of consistency: The White Walkers
  • The Data Dragons: Daenerys Targaryen

So gird your loins, buckle on your breastplate, seize that shield and prepare to march forth. Learn from the masters, dodge the pitfalls, slay the foes and claim the ultimate prize of killer customer experience.

So begins the battle for supremacy in the great Game of Differentiation below.

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