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Ben Stack

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Ben Stack

Jun 21, 2016

The B2B Summit 2016

Tomorrow People will be attending the B2B Marketing Summit 2016, taking place on Wednesday 22nd June.


This year, we’ll be at the Business Design Centre in London along with 850 B2B minds, sharing our insight and knowledge about the latest in B2B marketing. There are sessions taking place throughout the day in five streams covering a range of topics from engagement, social media, insight to multi-channel marketing and content.

As well as being one of the session sponsors at the Summit, Nathan Anibaba, our head of business development, will be discussing the concept of ‘Community Building’ in implementing successful online marketing.

Join Nathan, as he highlights the importance of differentiation in producing content in the context of a community and find out why we must create a values based brand and a community around our content.

Discover the notion where consumers are left in the midst of being bombarded by a sea of content and as a result are becoming more immune to content marketing - something everyone is doing these days. What’s left is the perceived value in a buying decision for the customer. How can we create a unique position from a marketing perspective if all our competition is doing the exact same thing?

The answer can be found in building a community. A community based around belonging, where customers can be in with like minded people. The sense of community is able to foster shared beliefs, values and help build advocacy and engagement.

Find out why it is important for us to belong in the broader sense, how it helps define meaning. A community involves meaning and helps reinforce that sense of belonging. How can you apply these concepts to a brand? Uncover why marketers should build a community around their product and brand.

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