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Pete Winter

Written by:

Pete Winter

Jun 6, 2017

Website User Experience No-No's: 3 Errors that Could Kill Your Lead Generation

Generating quality leads is essential for any B2B marketer. A website is a great tool to help with this. It enables you to provide value to your visitors, develop their trust, and take them confidently through the buying cycle.

There are lots of different ways that you can generate leads, from producing compelling content to implementing a user-friendly design. The last thing you would want to do after putting so much hard work into your lead generation website is to turn people away through making a silly mistake.

In this presentation, we look at three key areas where slip-ups occur – and at the end, reveal our top three lead-killing mistakes.


Unfortunately, there are too many businesses that don’t put in the time to understand their target audience properly. If you haven’t done the research and thinking to define buyer personas, or reached an agreement between sales and marketing on the different stages of the buying cycle, then it will show in your content and design, in all kinds of ways. You’ll lack the insight to create a clear strategy.

Creating a new site is exciting – but make sure you take the time to get clear on what you are trying to do with it.


Without content, your site would be an empty vessel. It’s tempting to try and churn out as much as possible. But while this strategy may be quick and cheap, it invariably results in unclear, derivative or shallow material. Why would people come to your site if they can find the same information elsewhere, if your information is hard to understand, or if they don’t learn anything new?

Poor content – like a misjudged tone, overly long copy, or boring images – will always drive visitors away. Make sure you invest in providing genuine value.


A badly designed site can really put the brakes on even the best efforts at lead generation. Is it hard to read on mobile devices? Does it fail to use separate landing pages? Are forms and calls to action buried at the bottom of the page?

Your visitors have plenty of other things to do and if your site design frustrates them, they will be quick to move on. Make sure you offer a hassle-free, enjoyable experience so that they want to stay on your site – and come back later.

Our top three mistakes

Weak calls to action

The call to action is all important, but it’s easy to slip up here. On some sites it can be badly placed, ineffectively worded, or perhaps not even there at all. Make sure you seal the deal with something compelling.

Forms that are too long

Congratulations! A visitor is interested in engaging with your content. But it doesn’t mean they want to tell you their life story. Don’t put people off by asking for too much information. It’s better to play the long game.

Uninspiring content

Content is not something that just fills up space. There is a world of difference between lazy and informative material. Make sure you’re offering real value, and you will reap the rewards.

Now you have an idea of what common mistakes on lead generation sites are. Take care to avoid them, and you’ll be reeling in the leads in no time.


  • If you haven’t put in the time to understand your target audience it will show in your content and design.
  • Focusing on churning out as much content as possible invariably results in unclear, derivative or shallow material.
  • Your visitors have plenty of other things to do and if your site design frustrates them, they will be quick to move on.

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